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Club's response

Official statement from GNK Dinamo

GNK Dinamo would like to address several statements from the football club AEK regarding the tragedy that occurred on August 7th this year.
GNK Dinamo has repeatedly and unequivocally condemned the unfortunate disturbances that tragically resulted in loss of life. Violence has no place in a civilized society, and we will always fight for the true values our club promotes. We sincerely hope that our opponent AEK shares similar views.
We are saddened by AEK's statements and behavior, which evade responsibility, escalate tensions, and use inappropriate, aggressive, and provocative language in official communications to exert pressure on UEFA. It's especially baffling that AEK attempts to exploit this human tragedy for self-promotion, displaying a lack of basic decency, empathy, and respect for the victim. Such an approach is considered inappropriate, especially as it's clear to everyone except representatives of AEK that GNK Dinamo has done everything in its power to prevent this situation. The organizers, meaning the Greek police and AEK as the host club, hold the greatest responsibility for the events in Greece.
We want to emphasize that responsible individuals within our club have made themselves available to representatives of AEK, UEFA, and the police to shed light on the entire incident and restore a sports-oriented atmosphere. We've actively communicated with all involved parties except AEK. Representatives of the Greek club obstructed any attempts at cooperation from the very beginning, refusing to seek the best solutions. They even walked out of the organizational meeting on the match day, canceled the official lunch for both delegations, and declined all forms of communication, casting themselves as investigators, prosecutors, and judges. We find this behavior, at the very least, absurd and dangerously manipulative of emotions in such a delicate moment.
We strongly condemn this type of communication from our sports rivals in Athens, especially while the investigation is ongoing and new information about the unfortunate event emerges daily. Up to this point, it's still unknown whether the perpetrator of this dreadful crime is Croatian or Greek. We won't allow anyone to grotesquely toy with Dinamo's name in such a manner! Our club upholds principles of respect and healthy communication with our European counterparts. Today, we are confronted with behavior unworthy of a European club.
We urge AEK representatives to focus on football and easing tensions, leaving the role of investigators and judges to the appropriate institutions.
For years, our club has been a cornerstone of Croatian football, consistently participating in European competitions, contributing to the national coefficient, and strongly supporting the successes of the Croatian national football team. We believe that the Croatian Football Federation, as our governing body, will actively engage in this issue and protect the interests of Croatian football.
Once again, we feel the need to remind the public of the steps the club took before the visit to Athens to prevent potential violence and disorder.
On Thursday, August 3rd, the club received notification from UEFA regarding the ban on away fans attending the UEFA Champions League third qualifying round matches. On the same day, the club informed fans and the public through all its channels that no tickets would be sold for the match in Athens. The same news was communicated to major Croatian media outlets that relayed UEFA's decision.
On the next day, August 4th, GNK Dinamo sent a written notice to the Police Directorate, informing them of the departure and return times, flight numbers, accommodation details, and the possible departure of fans. The letter also highlighted: "Depending on the number of assembled fans, the possibility of clashes with other fan groups present in Athens during that time cannot be excluded." On that same day, the club compiled a document addressing all questions related to the potential arrival of our fans, which we expected in Greece. The questions were sent to AEK representatives, and we didn't receive a response from the Greek club. The same inquiry was also sent to UEFA, which replied that AEK's response to the posed questions is important.
GNK Dinamo